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Nepal Highpoint Trekking and Expedition heartily welcomes and gives a warm greeting to you in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. It is our pleasure to welcome you and provide the hospitality services. Known as most beautiful country in the world and located in the greater Himalaya range with the diversified natural resources and landscapes, Nepal has been major tourism destination for trekking, tour, and mountaineering. Eight above 8000m snowcapped mountains including world’s highest mountain Mt. Everest lies in Nepal. Due to stunning views of thrilling landscapes, flora and fauna, Nepal has been a prime choice of thousands of people for holiday. Once visited people in Nepal say that perhaps you may hardly find as beauty as in Nepal because you can see the white snow covered Himalayan range in the north part and little hill mountains with the evergreen forest in the south part of Nepal. Full with the deciduous and coniferous forest in the lower land and snowcapped mountains in the higher land area where you can spend your holiday peacefully. So, based in Nepal, this Company has been placing its goodwill in Nepal tour, trekking, mountaineering as well as Tibet and Bhutan tour since its establishment.

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