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Few mountains in the world rival the grandeur of Mt. Kailash 6714m,the famed holy peak in Western Tibet. Kailash is regarded as the center of the universe by most of Asia. It is the ultimate Tibetan journey, from the holiest Buddhist Mountain, the sculpted perfection of Kailash, through the serene beauty of the Tibetan plateau. Mt Kailash (6714m) is the holy mountain of Tibet and is the source of the four great Himalayan Rivers. The area is not opened to independent trekkers and was opened very recently to foreign trekkers in an organized group with a special permit through Simikot (Humla) region, the highest and northern most district of Nepal. Through the main objective of this trek is Mt. Kailash & Manasarover Lake, the journey through Humla & Tibet both are culturally and scenically rewarding.


Day 01: Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. Flight in 45 min for flight and stay in Nepalgunj hotel oe lodge. (152m / 1 ½ hrs)

Day 02: Nepalgunj - Simikot fly. (2960m / 50min)It is 218 km north of Nepalgunj.

Day 03: Simikot- Yakpa pul (2630m / 5hrs) Climb to the pass above Simikot. From here one path descend steep down to Dadaphoya and Path goes towards Limi valley that is the path going to flowing along two villages and steep down to Yakpapul camp.

Day 04: Yakpa pul- Dhinga (3610m / 6hrs)From camp there is two options can do via Yakpa village or strait up hill to Dhinga village. After cross the river climb all day either one. This will be last village before Jhang. Good camping sites above village.

Day 05: Dhinga - Shechi Lagna (3900m / 6hrs)Gentle up hill starting with Junipers and alpine vegetation and steep up to the Shechi Lagna (4530m) and stay at below camp at meadow.

Day 06: Shechi Lagna – Chumsa (4300m / 6hrs)Walk down to Shingjuma3620m with blue pines, pines, Junipers and a lot of Birch around. After walk up along the Chumsa river and come out above the tree lines and walk up to Chumsa camp over night.

Day 07: Chumsa –Talung (4370m / 7hrs)This is the beautiful walk along the waterfalls and Lakes with views of Api Saipal Himal (7025m). After cross the Naylu Langna (4940m) can see the Holy mountain Mt. Kailash to far visibility, than steep down to Talung camp over night at grassy meadow in cold and windy.

Day08:Talung – Jhang (3930m / 8hrs)long the valley and cross the river camp near by hot spring. It is long day walk but beautiful walk along the Talung River. After passing Talung Tso trek goes via Gumayak and Majule Patan (4220m) than walk along the Takchi Cho after cross the bridge and walk to camp over night.

Day 09: Jhang – Halji (2660m / 4hrs) - Jhang From camp walk to village and visit to Monastery and walk down to Halji. Camp before village along the riverside and after lunch time to visit to Monastery. It is very rich and some time Dalai Lama visited this monastery. Here people they sell the Maple woods tea pot, Soup bowl, pots and more things. Back to camp for over night.

Day 10: Jhang-Til (3700m / 4hrs)Walking along the village and down to bridge to other side of river along the pine, Birch and Mountain roses. Again cross the bridge on Humla Karnali and walk to Limi northwest up hill to camp before the village.

Day 11: Til – Manepeme (3990m / 7hrs)Today is not easy walk up hill from camp along the rocky cliff side to Lamka pass and walking narrow path up and down. Humla Karnali looks very deep down below the path makes you hard feeling. Arrive Manepeme and camp.

Day 12: Manepeme - Hilsa (3720m / 4hrs) Treks goes little bit up hill starting on rocky part. Some time can see the Blue sheep above path with rolling stones goes down all the way to river. When arrive at Border of Nepal; and Tibet (China) walk down to bridge on Karnali river and camp on Nepal side at Hilsa with dusty and windy.

Day 13: Hilsa-Yari (3670m / 8hrs) After break fast start walking steep up hill with pack lunch to Nara Lagna (4620m) via Ranipauwa. After pass path goes down all the down to camp at Yari village with cultivation, where is the check post between Borders.

Day 14:Yari -Muchu (3120m / 7hrs From Yari path start gentle down hill along the open countryside with Junipers trees, animals shelters and highland Birds life. Before cross the bridge on Kumuchhiy Khola down hills to Tumkot and climb up to Muchu for our visa and permits clearness. Walk down to camp along side of Karnali River over night.

Day 15: Muchu -Salle Khola (2900m / 7hrs) After camp cross a bridge on the Karnali river walking along side with narrow valley. Maples, Walnut, Pines, roses and mix vegetation give you cool walk. Walk to Sallekhola via Yalbang and Yanger villages.

Day 16: Salle Khola – Dadaphoya (2300m / 7hrs) After crossed Salle Khola trek goes up hill and slows down via Kermi and Dharapuri along side of Karnali River. Pine forest and cultivations along the villages with domesticated animals.

Day 17: Dadaphoya - Simikot (2960m / 4hrs) Last day on trek start steep up till the pass before Simikot. Than down to Simikot.

Day 18: Simikot – Nepalgunj - Kathmandu fly.Early morning fly to Nepalgunj than fly to Kathmandu. Some time flight can cancel on certain circumstances so at least need extra day for this trip.

Day 19: Kathmandu free day of your own. (This day can be used if flight cancel.)

Day 20: Kathmandu free day of your own. (This day can be used if flight cancel.) This is the free day and you can use it for your shopping .In the evening we will drive you for farewell dinner with cultural dance.

Day 21: Final departure.All too soon it's time to bid Nepal farewell and one realizes that we can never be intimate, only acquainted with this amazing adventure kingdom

NOTE: The above information is a guide . The trip can be customized at your request to accommodate your specific requirements.