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  • 2021-04-24

Coffee Trekking in Nepal

Coffee is very famous in Nepal and it has very long history. Coffee does not differentiate class, it’s for everyone and people form every cast, ethnic group, age group, gender, poor, rich, middle class family and all.

It is a believe that coffee was cultivated in 575 B.C. in Yeman. However, Coffee in Nepal and sub-continent was found in hundreds of years back. In the 1980’s coffee was planted in the Terai and the hill regions of Nepal. The new varieties have thrived and are producing fair amounts of coffee. Coffee can be commercially produced in many parts of the country. However, there is great potentiality in mid hills region for organic coffee production as it has got suitable climate, topography, Soil, relative humidity, Temperature and Rainfall for Arabica coffee.

There are many campaigns have been organizing to promote coffee in Nepal. Barista have conducted coffee training in remote village of Nepal with coffee treks.

Coffee is available in some district of Nepal like such as Ilam, palpa, Gumi, Arghakhanchi, kavre, Sindhupalchwok, lamjunj, Baglung, Syanga, Kaski, Gorkha, Parbat. The coffee of Nepal including tea is getting popular in the world. Tourist who visit in Nepal love to enjoy with Nepali coffee and tea of its local test.

What is coffee trekking in Nepal?

Coffee trekking is unique trekking in Nepal, where we promote coffee production in Nepal, especially in remote area. It’s like trekking, but with something different and special.

What to do during coffee trekking in Nepal?

We visit place where coffee is being cultivated and also learn the process of coffee cultivation to production. We enjoy with coffee with community peoples. We don’t only visit place but also we work in firm for the experience.

Why coffee trekking in Nepal?  

High Point Trekking is binging special package for the coffee trekking in Nepal during visit Nepal 2020. The aim of this coffee trekking in Nepal is to promote community women and empower them to become independent through coffee production.

During Coffee trekking, you can have many other experience.

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