Bhutan Tour

Bhutan Tour takes you to around scenic and cultural country although a small nation with great variations of landscapes, temperatures and the home of Drukpa the Bhutanese people enriched with age-old traditional culture and way of heritage life. Bhutan Tour a wonderful place to visit once in your lifetime experience where you will be transported to the medical time period as you visit around its rural country farm villages and towns. Bhutan Tour takes you around many interesting places and sites of religious and historical importance, Bhutan the only Kingdom within Himalaya and charming country to visit and witness its ancient culture and scenic landscapes of green hills, valley, and high snow-capped mountains. “A great journey in and around the peaceful and tranquil country of Bhutan Enjoy visiting nice Bhutanese rural villages and town of great cultural charm Impressive monasteries, traditional villages and historical forts of great interest Visit beautiful Taksang monastery a famous landmark known as Tigers Nest Tour around Bhutan in the land of thundering dragon with beautiful scenery”   Bhutan Tour is a cultural extravaganza in beautiful South-Asian nation. Spending time in the Land of the Thunder Dragon, Bhutan is amazing experience. Short Bhutan tour covers Tiger’s nest hiking and visit to major sights in Paro and Thimpu and major Buddhist sights. This trip is suitable for regular traveler, who have very short time Bhutan’s landscape is pristine, rivers are pure, mountains are always beautiful. People are happy with their rich culture.


12 days

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Lingshi Laya Gasa Trekking-19 days

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